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Slope Mower - Bank Mower

The McConnel Robocut is a high preformance, verstile tracked mower. Suited best in harsh enviroments and working within dangerous conditions.Certain terrain is deemed too dangerous for normal grass care options and this is where the McConnel Robocut thrives.

Railways, high traffic highways, river-banks, and steep embankment over growth are easilty taken care of safely and quickly without the risk of damage and most importantly, injury.

Grass care is just the begining; With over seventeen different attacments ranging from stump-grinders to snowploughs available and many more being retro fitted for unique tasks, there is an attachment that wil suit your needs.


  • Gradient : 55 degrees

  • Transmission : Hydrostatic

  • Top Speed : 7km/h

  • Weight : 1000kg

  • Engine : 40hp

  • Fuel : Diesel (21L)