Robocut Hire

Robocuts are compact versatile remote control bank mowers, capable of working on slopes up to 55 Degrees. Available with a variety of implements and attachments they can provide safe working solutions to otherwise unworkable sites. Causing less ground disturbance than larger machines they also open up many sites to machine usage where before the only option would have been man power.

With a working width of 1.2 Meters and a remote control range of over 100m you can operate the machine at a safe distance whilst still being in control.

Along with any attachments listed, we can also offer an Ifor Williams plant trailer for transportation.


Please refer to our hire agreement for full terms and conditions.

Also note that these terms and conditions may change for extended hire periods.

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Rates can vary dependant on hire period and choice of attachment, please contact us to discuss things further.

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Robocut Forestry Head



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Omega Mulching Head

Similar in size and capability to the forestry mulching head this extra heavy duty rotor is designed for cutting material up to 100mm (4”) diameter. The rotor allows the Omega flails to rotate 360 degrees to protect the flail and rotor from damage, leaving a finer mulch this is more suited to clearing large patches of heavy undergrowth/regrowth.


  • Cutting Capcity : 3" (75mm)

  • Cutting Width : 1.25m

  • Rotor Speed : 3000rpm

  • Flails : 22 Freeswing Hamer Flails

  • Weight : 315kg
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    Predetor Self Propelled Stump Grinder

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    Stump Grinding Head

    A robust stump-grinder featuring a high-speed cutting wheel armed with heavy-duty tungsten teeth. The machine can handle tree and bush roots and is ideal for dealing with unwanted stumps in previously inaccessible areas.


  • Cutting Capcity : 370mm

  • Rotor Speed : 1800rpm

  • Teeth : 12 Fixed Tungsten Carbide

  • Weight : 92kg
  • Skidding Grapple

    The Robo-Grapple is an ultimate woodland tool. Using the immense power of three closed circuit piston pumps you can haul, push and pull any number of large sections of timber.



  • Lifting Capcity : 500 KG

  • Jaw : 100mm - 600mm

  • Robocut Grapple Bucket

    Ideal for site clearance & removing material from previously in accessible areas, the heavy duty tines ensure the load stays in the bucket whilst the front pivot point greatly increases the tipping height & capacity of the robocut.


  • Working Width : 1300mm

  • Unloading Height : 610mm

  • Bucket Depth : 830mm

  • Tipping Angle : 47deg

  • Lift Capacity : 300kg
  • Roboload Loader

    The roboload is a well equipped miniature loader. Not to be fooled by its size, this amazing piece of machinery can tackle tough terrain and an array of materials.


  • Lifting Capcity : 400 KG

  • Lifting Height : 1M

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    Digs to a depth of 90cm and width of 12cm, a powerful hydraulic motor powers the chain and auger whilst adjustable boom angle controls the depth of cut.


  • Depth : 9000mm

  • Width : 120mm

  • Teeth : Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide
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    Forestry Head

    With a rotor equipped with fifty heavy duty tungsten teeth this powerful and robust head gives the machine the ability of felling and mulching small thorn and trees with stems of up to a diameter of four inches, capable of clearing large patches of ground whilst negating the need for chippers and subsequent site clearance.


  • Cutting Capcity : 100mm

  • Cutting Width : 1.25m

  • Rotor Speed : 3000rpm

  • Teeth : 50 Fixed Tungsten Carbide

  • Weight : 355kg