Servicing and repairs


As a McConnel Main dealer we can offer significant discounts on any parts needed during the course of the repairs - We can do as little as changing the filters, gear oil and a pre season safety check all the way to a full strip down, rebush and repipe - We frequently carry our insurance valuations and repairs - We can work on a fixed price or hourly basis.


Our team carry out their own electrical repairs on the full range of McConnel controls - avoiding the involvment of 3rd party firms and utilising a custom made test rig to stress test and diagnose a wide variety of issues. We are one of the only places you can get your V3 Controls repaired -


We are also able to undertake the diagnostics and refurbishment of the Piston pump systems used on some McConnel Machines - the specialist test rig enables us to pressure and flow test to ascertain where the fault lies and work out the most cost effective solution - please call us to discuss your requirements