Robocut Attachments

Hole Borer - Grapple - More

Although McConnel offer a huge range of attachments to fit the Robocut, we have undertaken a number of projects to alter a range of existing implements in order to make them compatible with the Robocut hydraulics and front proprietary plate.


Prices vary across each unique attachment, please contact us to discuss more.

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Vahva Jussi Timber Trailler Attachment

Forestry Trailer

Utilising one of the Robocuts auxiliary circuits to power a 3.2m compact Timber trailer

Basic Timber Grapple

Basic Grapple

Basic proprietary plate grapple attachment for moving wood with low ground impact.a hydraulic top link massively increases the lifting capacity & height.

Extra Timber Grapple

Grapple Extra

Extra reach and lift with this loader mounted grapple for added manoeuvrability.

Post Hole Borer

Post Hole Borer

Parallel linkage post hole borer, ideal for vast tree planting and fencing projects.

Bespoke Flail Head

Bespoke Flail Head

Our adaptation of a standard heavy duty McConnel Head ideal for rough over growth.