Stump Grinder - £3950 + VAT


Stump Grinder - £3950 + VAT

Always available in your truck or van due to its compact size, the stump Grinder, with a 36cm diameter disc, removes stumps to a depth of -15cm. Fitted with Greenteeth® carbide teeth and the latest generation of Parker® torque hydraulic motor, you benefit from all the hydraulic power of the microBull. Trimming is done using the command arm and bucket tilting control. Disc activation is carried out by the foot control, for more safety (cut-off if the machine is lowered). The adjustable ejection door allows the chippings to be evacuated at the required distance, away from the stump or force them to stay near the stump.


    - Ø 36cm disc
    - 12 Greenteeth® teeth 3 rotations
    - Weight 55 kg