Delivering the full benefits of McConnel's all-terrain M380 multi-purpose load carrier, the forward control Multidrive FC also features the enhanced comfort and visibility of the front mounted comfort cab. All Multidrive models feature a high-efficiency and robust mechanical power delivery system and are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as: slurry tankers, lime spreaders, trailer haulers, and bespoke utility builds for industrial application.


    Low ground pressure
    Outstanding power to weight ratio Unrivalled traction
    Positive drive technology Enhanced comfort
    Available with Gen III cab Superior hauling capacity
    Carry payloads of up to 10,000kg while hauling up to 18,000kg 50km/h transport speed
    Safe, stable and fuel efficient Enhanced safety
    Consistent even braking on steep banks Impressive height clearance
    Available with a range of large diameter row cop wheels Greater control
    Customise the machine's performance to the field conditions Easy to use
    Straight forward design layout and ergonomic controls Unrivalled versatility
    The ultimate, all-purpose, all-terrain load carrying vehicle Work longer
    Thrive in wet conditions when other machines are confined to the yard Stylish design
    Compact design, outstanding build quality World class service
    Professional support and back-up Good residual value
    Renowned heritage and reputation