Merlin Extreme Offset


Merlin Extreme Offset

Combining the power and durability of the Merlin range with a heavy-duty offset, these machines deliver exceptional results for busy verge mowing professionals. A choice of cutting widths from 1.2m to 2.0m is available, as well as advanced features such as hydraulic safety breakaway, 120 degrees of head movement, and front or rear mounting. Precision-engineered in the Uk and created for contractors, local government, and highway maintenance teams, the Merlin Xtreme Offset range can tackle vegetation up to 50mm thick and offers a wide range of cutting heights from 40-155mm Features Verge mowing performance McConnel’s most powerful and effective offset verge mower, the Merlin Xtreme Offset series features a floating head with 150 degrees of movement, hydraulic safety breakaway and up to 600mm of offset adjustment Flexibility The Magnum Xtreme Offset can be front or rear-mounted, ensuring its compatibility with a full-range of tractors and enabling it to be worked in combination with a standard front-mower.


    1.2m, 1.6m, 2.0m working widths
    Three-point linkage mounting
    Front or rear mounting
    600mm hydraulic offset adjustment
    540 or 1,000rpm PTO speed
    Hydraulic floatation system (+90o to -60o)
    Robust build quality
    PTO over-run protection
    Hydraulic safety breakaway
    50mm cutting capacity
    Left or right hand cut options
    Replaceable full-length skids