Remote Control

Thriving in hazardous, hard-to-reach and restricted-access areas, these innovative all-terrain machines reach the parts conventional mowers cannot - helping McConnel customers work harder, smarter and safer than ever before.

With outstanding stability, intuitive fingertip controls and an effective remote control range of up to 150m, the machines make light work of jobs that used to be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and potentially dangerous.


Robocut T400


Robocut T600

Revolutionary new hydraulic head floatation system can be programmed to suit different attachments and conditions.

Fully encolsed body panels keep grass and debris out.

Improved efficiency and larger fuel capacity enables up to 6 hours between refills.

Leading power-to-weight ratio on the market Safety system for the hydraulic front hood, including screen notification.


Robocut T800


Robocut S300