75 Series Machines


75 Series Machines

Available in five different reach sizes from 5.6m to 8.0m reach sizes and powered by high-performance 70hp hydraulics, McConnel's new heavy-duty 75 Series features a radical new look and feature set and is aimed at busy professional contractors. Among the key new features of the machine is an innovative high-efficiency oil tank and cooling system which deliver an outstanding de-aeration performance, produce a very low overall flow velocity, and eliminate areas in the tank where resting oil can concentrate. Designed to improve efficiency, performance and durability, this new system ensures consistent cooling in all weather conditions and significantly reduces heat build-up. OVERVIEW Precision-engineered at McConnel’s Shropshire production facility, 75 Series Power Arms are created from heavy-duty Strenx (Domex) steel, feature tapered C-section arms for extra strength, and meet the UK’s ISO 9001 hallmark of quality management. A choice of hundreds of different build options enables operators to customise a machine precisely to their individual needs. 5.6m, 6.4m, 6.5m, 7.7m and 8.0m reach A choice of three advanced control systems High-performance 70hp hydraulics 3-point linkage (PA5675, PA6475, PA6575T) Five-point axle mounting (PA7775T and PA8075T) Telescopic armset options Easy Drive System (optional) Hydraulic Power Slew Hydraulic safety breakaway Choice of nine different flailheads Choice of 14 attachments


    Automated hydraulic reversing fan
    Soft-start electric rotor control
    Modern styling with full-width bumper bar
    Easy access cover for maintenance
    Cab protection as standard
    LED road lighting
    Strobe working lights
    Built-in tool box