65 Series Machines

65 Series Machines

65 Series Machines

Offering a choice of reach from 5.5m to 7.0m, 65hp hydraulics, and two models with telescopic dipper arms, the series offers outstanding productivity and the durability necessary to withstand the busy workloads of full-time contractors. The series is now compatible with McConnel's advanced Variable Forward Reach armset. OVERVIEW Created for contractors and local government, the 65-series has the reach and power to tackle extensive verge-mowing and hedge-cutting duties. It also comes with a choice of advanced new control systems; Variable Forward Reach; and TwinCut, the world’s first dual rotor flailhead. Built to last from super-strength Domex steel, 65-series machines are extremely robust and feature such enhancements as SoftStart rotor engagement, hydraulic safety breakaway, and a cushioned top link for increased longevity. Customisation Created as a value for money alternative to the 70-series, the machines are ideal for those who want exceptional reach and power at an affordable price. The machines can also be customised to include some of McConnel's most advanced features and attachments for those seeking the best in performance. Innovation McConnel’s TwinCut flailhead is the world's first dual-rotor flailhead, delivering a heavy-duty mulch and a fine finish in a single pass - saving operators time, fuel costs and freeing up opportunities for extra work.


    Available with the innovative new Twincut flailhead
    Telescopic arm provides extra reach on demand
    McConnel’s best-value professional-spec Power Arm
    Advanced arm-set options available
    Enhanced durability and reliability
    Comprehensive choice of flailheads and working attachments
    Advanced Power Arm control systems Ideal for both verge-mowing and hedge-cutting
    Comfortable transport mode


5565 - 5.5m reach

6065 - 6.0m reach

6565T - 6.5m reach

7065T - 7.0m reach