1000 Series Machines


1000 Series Machines

Designed to thrive on the busy workloads of professional contractors and local government teams, 1000-series machines are robust, reliable and highly productive. A long time favourite of contractors around the world, 1000-series machines excel at hedge-cutting, verge-mowing, and vegetation clearance. Five different models are available with reach from 5.6m to 8.0m, while a choice of 65hp and 77hp hydraulics delivers the power you need for even the most challenging green maintenance tasks. The series features a huge range of build options, attachments and accessories that enable operators to customise their machine to a precise personal specification. OVERVIEW Created from super-strength Domex steel and boasting an advanced feature set with hundreds of different build and customisation options, the series is the perfect choice for professional verge-mowers and hedge-cutters. Its versatility also enables operators to customise a machine precisely to their individual needs.


    5.6m, 6.4m, 6.5m, 7.7m and 8.0m reach
    A choice of advanced control systems, including REVOLUTION
    Variable Forward Reach options (PA5600 and PA6400 only)
    High-performance 65p (gear) or 77hp (piston) hydraulics
    Five-point axle mounting
    Telescopic armset options
    Tapered seam-welded arms for strength and lightness
    Easy Drive System
    Rugged Domex steel construction
    Hydraulic Power Slew
    Hydraulic safety breakaway
    Choice of 13 different flailheads
    Choice of 14 attachments