Walking Tractors

The walking tractor is a precious working tool in agriculture and gardening. It is mainly used for soil tilling, and in combination with the series of available attachments by Grillo, the walking tractor can be used to carry out a number of different works.

The walking tractor is useful in any season!

In spring it is used to finely till the soil to prepare it for sowing.
In summer to till the ground between the rows makes the ground soft and free from weeds; this ensures the penetration of water and moisture into the soil.
In autumn it is important to till the cultivated area in order to cut and to till under the remaining plants. This will give way to the rearrangement of a compost that lets the plants decompose into the soil adding therefore organic nourishment ready to be used the following spring.
During winter Grillo offers snow-throwers, snow blades and snow brushes to set streets and avenues free from ice and snow.

All Grillo walking tractors are equipped with oil bath gears and bearings, a product that represents the outcome of over 50 years experience by Grillo in this sector. The wheels' motion is independent from that of the P.T.O. to which you connect the attachments; this simplifies the transport and makes the Grillo walking tractor a safe and easy-to-use machine.

The Grillo walking tractor's rotary tiller unit consists of 4/6 sets of hoes made of steel that succeed in finely cutting the soil with 20 rotations per every wheel revolution. The cowling-tiller is made of sheet metal, in compliance with the extremely rigid EU-Norms, and its width is adjustable following the number of hoes you intend to use.

The Grillo walking tractors' handlebars are all adjustable in order to meet all the operator's needs.

Thanks to the large number of accessories for every model Grillo walking tractors become extremely versatile machines.

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