Alpha Freeflo 1.6m Topper

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Ex demo condition, purchased for one of our hire tractors but a little heavy for it, Very robust construction "Alpha Rhino Freeflo flail mower range New for the 2023 season our new Alpha Rhino freeflo flail mower range. If you want a flail mower that’s built like a tank then this is it! This range has been developed in conjunction with land clearance contractors that require an exceptionally heavy duty machine that can be used as a multi-purpose machine for clearance of scrub and gorse but is equally capable at mulching grass in amenity areas. We believe that we have produced possibly the heaviest duty flail on the market! Firstly, these machines are exceptionally heavy duty and all components have been beefed up to match. We have opted for SKF external bearings and housings which all have easy to reach grease points. Belt pulleys and drive system have also been upgraded to machined balanced pulleys with a larger diameter for improved belt traction and ultra smooth operation. The rotor and flail mounts are built to the same standard as our latest Max series rotors with helical blade arrangement and angled blade carriers, this system helps protect the flails from damage when hitting large objects and aids lift. A new extra heavy duty flail head is now used, these flail heads are only usually seen on some of the heaviest duty flails on the market and are currently used on our max series of flail mowers where they have proven themselves as some of the toughest on the market. The biggest performance upgrade comes in the form of a full hydraulic lifting rear door and roller. The obvious benefit of this is that it gives full free flow of cut material, allowing for exceptionally overgrown areas to be cut in reverse, then if required a final clean cut whilst driving out. For added protection we have added two large removable castor wheels to the front of the mower which help the mower follow the contours of the ground and reduce the risk of digging in and scalping. The new rotor design incorporates all of our features found on our max range of flail mowers but now balanced using the very latest balancing systems and software, this has allowed us to run the rotors at a slightly higher rpm which results in even higher performance and efficiency. We have the range available in various sizes and can be used with tractors from 50hp upwards. All models are fitted with cat 2 linkage pins. BODY Produced using various thicknesses of structural grade steel and finished using an ultra-thick, abrasion resistant coatings. Rotor Produced using a high grade structural steel tube with angled flail carriers and balanced using the latest balancing software. Linkage and running gear Cat 2 linkage with heavy duty 150hp rated gearbox, aligned for mid-sized tractors"