Alpine Tractor

FH & J Alviti are pleased to offer for hire a selection of Antonio Carraro TTR4400 HST Compact Alpine tractors. With both models the seating position is easily reversed making it ideal for landscaping, grounds maintenance and forestry. We have several implements which can be used in the reverse drive mode, including a 5ft flail mower and 3.5m reach hedge trimmer with either 5ft saw blade or 3ft flail head. As well as several other implements including - skidding grapple, rotovator, post knocker, timber trailer & transport box. The base unit weighs in at around 1.2 ton, meaning the tractor and several implements can all be towed legally behind a normal truck & trailer combination.

Base Hire rate is for the Tractor and Flail topper (trailer included in price) Price for other attachments are in addition to this base rate and valid only in conjunction with tractor hire

For all other prices/long term hire or combinations of attachments please contact us on:

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Any Extras?

PA35 reverse drive Hedge Trimmer (2 x £15)

£ 15

Timber Trailer (3.2m reach) (One Off)

£ 0

Skidding Grapple (One Off)

£ 0

Power Harrow (One Off)

£ 10

Total : £445

You save 19% for hiring this machine for longer than 5 Days

This total is based upon a daily rate of £

Please be aware that all prices shown in GBP and are excluding VAT.

Please make sure you have read our Hire Aggreement