Discaerator Hire

Equipped with two rows of shock-resistant concave discs which break up clods to create a fine tilth, the Discaerator delivers the perfect conditions for crop establishment.

Created for farmers and contractors, the machine has a productive 3.0m working width and features a choice of five or seven subsoiler legs and packer rollers. Also available with a stocks seeder for single pass cultivation.

Rolls Hire

Heavy duty 3 section folding rolls. Equipped with shatter boards these 5 ton rolls shatter and break built up soil and smooth plough ridges leaving a surface comparable to power harrowed ground.

We may have also have other rolls available for hire, including flat rolls. For more information please contact us.


Please refer to our hire agreement for full terms and conditions.

Also note that these terms and conditions may change for extended hire periods.

Hire Agreement


Rates can vary dependant on hire period and choice of attachment, please contact us to discuss things further.

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