Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings & Adatpers

In addition to the other services we offer, we also carry a wide range of hydraulic hose,fittings,adapters,inserts,quick release couplings and much more priced at competitive rates.

Bespoke hoses made to order are availble. We know exaclty the right specifaction hose for the application, and will only supply hoses we know are right for the task.

We stock the almost all listed below with some more uncommon fittings and adapter being availble within one working day.

Hydraulic Fitings & Adapters Stocked

  • BSP Adapters & Fittings 1/4" to 2"

  • ORFS Adapters & Fittings 13/16" to 1.1/16"

  • METRIC Adapter & Fittings M14 to M36

  • JIC Adapter & Fittings 9/16" to 1.1/16"

  • Standard Snap Couplings 1/4" to 3/4"

  • Faster © Snap Couplings 1/2" to 3/4"

  • SAE 3000psi 1" to 1.1/2"

  • Hydraulic Hose Stocked

  • 1/4" 5800psi (400bar)

  • 3/8" 4780psi (350bar)

  • 1/2" 3980psi (275bar)

  • 5/8" 3620psi (250bar)

  • 3/4" 3110psi (215bar)

  • 1" 4600psi (317bar)

  • 1" 6090psi (420bar)

  • 1.1/2" 720psi (50bar)

  • Bespoke Hydraulics

    As well as creating custom hoses we are also able to offer bespoke hydraulic solutions for agricultural and forestry machinery

    Including; Electric conversions, spool alterations/additions, Cable/proportional valve conversions, full machine re-piping etc…

    We’ve also converted a variety of McConnel hydraulic implements to fit and work on diggers, bobcats, site masters and more. If hydraulics involved we can make it work.

  • McConnel Ditch Cleaner on a 3CX Site Master

  • McConnel Omega 1.2M Head on a Bobcat

  • McConnel Multicut Head on a 7 Ton Digger

  • McConnel BuzzBar(Multisaw) on a 3CX Site MAster

  • Skidding Grapple on a McConnel Robocut