Rotor Balancing

Our Team here are able to offer a complete rotor and shaft balancing service, with the capability of balancing shafts up to 3.5m long.

The one hundred horsepower motor enables us to balance with the flails on, giving much better results than traditional and ineffective bare shaft balancing methods.

Maintaining a precise rotor balance is an integral part of keeping machinery vibration at acceptable levels, and more importantly, it is essential to minimising mechanical stress and preventing long term damage of moving parts.

Bearing life is greatly reduced and metal fatigue increases dramatically with a machine that is out of balance.

  • Rotors up to 3.5M In Length

  • Speeds between 800RPM and 4000RPM

  • New or Un-worn Flails,Bolts.Bushes & Bearings
  • Requirements

    Where necessary flail lugs can be rebuilt or replaced, end shafts machined and realigned and drives reinstated.

    The balancing process tends to be much more accurate if flails and fixings are replaced, otherwise the inaccuracies in the flails are balanced out rather than the rotor. We would usually recommend replacement bearings as well, although this may not be necessary if the bearings are good.

    We have fixed rates for differing lengths of shaft and would in most circumstances return the rotor made up and fully assembled with bearings pressed on and ready to bolt back into the head/machine.

    We can offer collection and return delivery at competitive rates or if necessary we can offer single day turn around if the rotor is brought to us first thing in the morning (subject to availability) In most circumstances we aim for a 3 day turn around.

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